Top 10 Most Handsome Hollywood Male Stars(2018)

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio was born on November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles, California, USA as an American film actor and producer. In 1990, at the age of 16, he took part in the shooting of the drama “Growing Pains.” In 1993, he won the 66th Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor Award and the 51st American Film and TV Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in The Different Sky. In 1995, the film “Romeo and Juliet” was filmed and won the Best Actor in the 47th Berlin International Film Festival. In 1997, Leonardo starred in “Titanic.”

2. Will Smith

Willard Christopher Smith, Jr., was born on September 25, 1968 in Philadelphia, USA. He was an Hollywood actor and hip hop singer. At the age of 12, he entered the entertainment circle as a rap singer. In 1985, he composed DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince with Jeff Tongnes and then won the Grammy Award twice. In 1993, Will Smith began the big screen, starring in the film “Six Degrees of Separation.” Then works such as “The Jedi Warrior” and “Independence Day” made him gradually establish the position of the film. The “Black Men” series launched in 1997

3. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks was born on July 9, 1956 in Concord, California, USA as a film and television actor. In 1979, Hanks played the role for the first time in the movie “Red Splatter”, which was released in 1980. In 1984, the performance “Mermaid” made him popular. In 1988, he led the “Fly to the Future,” and won the Academy Award for Best Actor Nomination. In 1993, he starred in the “Philadelphia Story” and won the Academy Award for Best Actor. In 1994, the performance in the film “Forrest Gump” made Hanks win the Oscar for Best Actor. In 1995, he began to dub the voice of Hudi, one of the protagonists of Toy Story.

4. Jason Statham

Jason Michael Statham was born on July 26, 1967 in London, England. He was an English actor, model, and diver. He has played in the UK national diving team for 12 years and won the 12th in the world diving championship in 1992. In 1998, he appeared in the first film “Two Great Smoke Guns” and entered the entertainment circle. In 2002, he appeared in the movie ” “Very Human Traffickers”; in 2009, he starred in “Anger Attack 2: High Volt”; in 2012, he starred in the movie “Death Squad 2”; in 2013, he transformed into a movie “Redemption”; in 2015, he starred in the movie “Speed and Passion 7 In 2016, she starred in the Chinese-American co-production movie Megashark.

5. Chris Evans

Chris Evans was born on June 13, 1981 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. In 2001, he appeared in his personal first film, “Children are not suitable.” In 2004, he appeared in the campus comedy “Super Perfection.” In 2011, he starred in the film “Captain America” and in the same year, he appeared in the love light comedy “Extremely Ex-Boyfriend” and the legal movie “Perforation.” In 2012, he once again played the role of Captain America Steve Rogers in the “Avengers’ League”. In the same year, he participated in the film “Snow Country Train” and “Iceman”. In the same year, he was nominated for the 38th Saturn Award for Best Actor. . In 2014, he directed, produced and starred in the movie “Midnight.”

6, Van Dissel

Van Diesel (Vin Diesel) was born on July 18, 1967 in New York, USA. He is an American film actor and producer. In 1999, the self-produced short film acted as an actor to win the Cannes Film Festival Award, and was received by the great director Steven Spielberg for his participation in the war film “Saving Private Ryan.” After starring in the “Speed and Passion” series of films became a Hollywood star. In 2005, he appeared in the comedy “The Brave Father”. The “Speed and Passion” starring in 2009 was released. The “Speed and Passion 5” starring in 2011 was released. In May 2013, Deere’s “Speed and Passion 6” was released in the United States. In December of the same year, Diesel decided to join the “Guardians of the Galaxy” and played “Growing Groot”.

7. Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone, born in the United States in 1946, was an American actor, painter, director, and producer. In 1970, he appeared in the first film “Italian Stallion”. In 1977, he won the 49th Oscar and the 34th American Golden Globe Award for Best Actor and Best Screenplay for the film “Rocky”. In 1978, he wrote and directed the film. He performed his first movie, “The Lane of the Lane”; in 1982, he starred in “The First Blood”; in 1992, he won the 17th Honorary Caesar Award; in 2000, he starred in the action movie “Killing and Killing”; in 2009, he wrote and directed himself. The action movie “Death Squad”; 2015, starring in the movie “Quidi”.

8, Nicholas Cage

Nicolas Cage was born on January 7, 1964 in California, USA. In 1982, he starred in the first film “The Open American Academy”; in 1984, he starred in the film “The Bird Man”; in 1988, he starred in “The Vampire Kiss”; in 1992, with the performance in the film “My Heart”, Won the Palme d’Or Grand Prix at the 43rd Cannes Film Festival; In 1996, he starred in the action movie “Courageously Lost Life Island”; In the same year, he won the 68th Academy Awards for Best Actor in 2002 for his “Away From the Casino”; 2002 He directed the debut of “Sonny” and starred in the movie “National Treasure” in 2004.

9, Adrian Brodie

Adrien Brody, born April 14, 1973 in New York, USA, determined to become an actor since childhood. In 1993, the famous Dr. Steven Soderberger’s drama “King of the Hill” won attention and got the opportunity. In 1998, he starred director Eric Bros’s “Restaurant” and used it as a nominee for the “Best Actor for the Independent Spirit Award.” In 2003, he starred in the role of “Pianist” directed by Roman Polanski. He played a Jewish pianist in the film and won several awards such as the 75th Academy Award for best actor. In 2008, Beyonce Knowles starred in the movie “The Legend of Blues.”

10, Jude Luo

Jude Lowe was born on December 29, 1972 in London, England, and was an English actor, producer, and director. At the age of 12, he began to participate in the performance of a young musical troupe. He dropped out of high school at the age of 17 and devoted himself to the performing arts circle. In 1990, he appeared in the TV series “Family”. In 1994, he starred in the first movie “Shopping.” In 1999, he starred in the movie “Genius Ripley” directed by Anthony Mingera and won the 72nd Academy Award for best supporting actor nomination. In 2001, he starred in the war films Bing Under City and Steven Spielberg’s science-fiction film “Artificial Intelligence.” In 2004, he was nominated for the Best Actor in the 76th Academy Awards for his film Cold Mountain.

11. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves was born on September 2, 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon. He was an American actor, producer, and director. In 1980, at the age of 16, he entered the show circle with a Coca-Cola ad, and he received his first role in the play “The Wolfboy.” In 1995, he won the MTV Movie Award for the best “screen partner” for his movie “Life and Death Speed” in collaboration with Sandra Bullock. In 2012, Keanu Reeves made a film debut in the Chinese film “Taichi.” In 2013, he directed “Taichi” and starred in “47 Ronin”. In February 2015, he participated in “The Devil’s Head”.

12, Gary Oldman

Gary Leonard Oldman was born on March 21, 1958 in New Cross (South London), formerly known as Leonard Gary Oldman, an English actor. In 1986, he starred in the movie “Sid and Nanxun.” In 1991, he played Lee Harvey Oswaldo in the movie JFK. In 1992, Count Dracula was played in “The Vampirism Zombies Frightened Four Hundred Years.” In 2011, he was nominated for Best Oscar by Oscar for “The Potter, Tailor, Soldier, and Spy.” In March 2016, he starred in the movie “Killer’s Bodyguard.”

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